Laws, Regulations, & Rules: What is Coming Down the Road

The trucking industry remains a favorite target for politicians and regulators. Whether the justification is highway safety or environmental issues, state and federal governments continue to develop new and more comprehensive laws and regulations . We monitor these developments here at Road Scholar Transport and provide the following as a recap of major items in place or expected in 2023 . Safety, Workplace, and Environment The first two years of the current administration saw a significant push for new legislation in many areas affecting the trucking industry. While the fact that Republicans now control the House will slow the momentum of such efforts, the federal regulatory bodies are expected to continue to impose new rules based on the recently passed and previous laws. Several states are also actively pursuing new controls for various aspects of the trucking industry. A recent discussion in FleetOwner reviewed several of the more significant regulations that will impact t

Trucking Regulations and Expectations to Look Out for in 2024

  In the year 2024, the trucking industry is expected to undergo several significant regulations and changes.  One of the key areas of focus will be on environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.  Governments around the world are increasingly implementing stricter emission standards for trucks, aiming to combat climate change and improve air quality. In the United States, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is likely to introduce more stringent regulations on truck emissions.  This may include stricter limits on nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions, as well as the promotion of cleaner fuels such as biodiesel or electric power.   Another important aspect of trucking industry regulations next year will be safety.  Governments and regulatory bodies are continuously working to enhance road safety and reduce accidents involving commercial vehicles.  This may involve the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Trucking Industry Faces a Challenging Regulatory Road Ahead

    From its inception more than a century ago, the trucking industry has been a significant “silent partner” to American businesses. Today, more than seventy percent of everything consumers will purchase off retail shelves and 100 percent of all online purchases are delivered by commercial trucks. The industry employs more than 800,000 drivers and more than 3 million other workers are responsible for generating in excess of $650 billion in annual revenues. Focus of Governments The pandemic helped focus a spotlight on the vital role of truckers and trucking firms. However, local, state, and federal governments have long given a great deal of attention to the regulation and control of many aspects of the trucking industry. That is increasingly the case today. This regulatory and legal focus on trucking is driven by the potential source of revenue in taxes and fees, the issue of road safety, and the huge investment in the nation’s infrastructure of roads and bridges. The cu

Truck Safety Coalition Demands New Action by Government

  A common theme of many who focus their attention on the commercial trucking industry is that of safety. To be sure, the multi-ton truck many may see bearing down in their rear mirror, as well as certain sensationalized media stories about accidents, gives some reason for these concerns. A Partially Known Story To be sure, even one vehicle crash can be a tragic event, and the goal of total safety should be a consistent one actively pursued. However, it is important to put numbers and statistics in context. Just as one airline crash gains a great deal of attention, commercial flying still remains one of the safest modes of transportation. Likewise, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that a total of 4,998 large trucks and buses were involved in some type of accident in 2020 . These statistics also show that the number of fatalities from these crashes, especially when compared to the total Vehicle Miles Travelled, have periodic trends of decreases and increases

Tractor Trailers Help Spread Awareness for Autism and Parkinson’s Disease This April

You may be hearing about famous architectures “lighting it up blue” or people “Taking 6” this month in honor of Autism and Parkinson’s Disease awareness month.  Road Scholar Transport is not any different.  With 53’ tractor trailers advertising both causes, Road Scholar travels the country, not just for the month of April, but all throughout the year spreading awareness.  Light it Up Blue   Since 2010, Autism Speaks (founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, growing to become the largest autism science and advocacy organization in the nation) launched its Light it Up Blue campaign to help celebrate April 2 nd ’s World Autism Awareness Day. Striking participation around the world, the Light it Up Blue campaign encourages companies, landmarks, and individuals to show their support by shining a blue light in their home or on their building, by decking out their website, social media pages or phone with the light it up blue logo, spreading awareness by distributing information on

The Importance of Properly Shipping Alcohol and Beer

Shipping alcohol and beer properly is indeed crucial to ensure their quality and safety.  Let's dive into the importance of choosing the right trucking company and the conditions required during transport. When it comes to shipping alcohol and beer, it's essential to select a trucking company that specializes in handling these types of products.  Such companies have the necessary expertise and equipment to ensure proper handling and transportation.  They understand the specific requirements and regulations associated with shipping alcohol, which can vary depending on the destination and type of alcohol being transported. Now, let's talk about the conditions that beer and alcohol need to be shipped in.  First and foremost, temperature control is vital.  Most alcoholic beverages, especially beer, are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.  They should be stored and transported at a consistent temperature to maintain their quality and prevent spoilage.  Generally, a temp

Safeguarding Your Freight from Cargo Theft in 2023

  As we approach the Labor Day weekend of 2023, the trucking industry is bracing itself for a surge in cargo theft incidents.  Historically, holiday weekends have been a prime time for cargo theft, with thieves taking advantage of the extended transit times and unattended freight.  However, amidst these challenges, Road Scholar Transport stands out as a reliable carrier, offering robust solutions to protect your freight during the transport process. Cargo theft is a significant concern for the trucking industry, causing losses amounting to billions of dollars annually.  In 2023, the problem has only intensified, with thieves becoming more sophisticated and daring.  They are targeting high-value goods, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages, which are often transported over holiday weekends. Labor Day weekend has seen a spike in cargo theft incidents in recent years.  Thieves exploit the fact that goods are often left unattended for extended periods due to th